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Ken and Anna Hummel - Army Veterans/Real Estate Investors    
Peyton Milligan - Airman/Real Estate Investor     
Joseph McNeal is a local realtor who was recommended to us from a close friend. This gentleman did not disappoint. Jia and I are pretty thorough people and ask a lot of questions. Joe was able to get Jia Shin and I in the exact house we wanted that had been on the market for 1 day and already had multiple offers on it. Great job Joe! Thanks again for all the help. Also, he hooked us up with a big fat check from Homes for Heroes to ease the moving in costs.
~Ryan Ward     
My family and I can not thank Joseph McNeal enough for all that he has done for us. Joseph took his job to another level, he went above and beyond for us and will for anyone. He always worked really hard to get us what we want. Joseph, Thank you for your service to our country and for all the hard work you put in for us to be living in our dream home!
~Anna Hummel
Joe went above and beyond from start to finish. He made his schedule flexible in order to show us homes around our jobs. He gave us professional, honest feedback in a manner we could understand. He's by far the most genuine and trustworthy realtor we have ever met. 
~Brandy Frisbie
 Joseph was my Realtor for my first home buying experience and I could not be more pleased. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and beyond helpful. He taught me many things about home buying and spent quality time making sure that I got the best deal and option for me and my needs/wants. Joseph is also very polite and honest and I appreciate his hard work ethic. I would recommend Joseph time and time again. Thanks Joe!
~Ashley Fifield 
Joseph was a great realtor for my first home buying experience. With all the obstacles I had during the process, he kept my best interest in mind and helped close the deal. He is very professional and knows a lot about the industry. 
~Julie Hong
Joe is a very driven and dedicated professional. I had the honor of working with him in Germany as well as in Afghanistan. Joe is a go-getter and pushes those around him to give their best and challenges them daily. He was responsible for establishing a Army Combatives program that trained over 500 Soldiers from all over Europe in the arts of Hand to Hand combat. Out side of the military Joe has not stopped achieving great results earning a Bachelors Degree, multiple Masters degrees, his real Estate License and even teaches College level curriculum. If you want the best then adding Joe to your team will add a multitude of skill sets and friendship that will last a lifetime.
~Patrick Yates
I have known Joseph for years, to date, he continues to help families and me in buying, selling, investing and learning about real estate trends and opportunities. Joseph uses a proprietary method of consolidating your efforts as the buyer/seller. Tie that in with his Market Snapshot, landing pages and Facebook pages (of which I got a new buyer this morning!) Joseph McNeal assists me in marketing, building contacts, closing transactions, and with any follow up activities. Results? I have worked in real estate for well over a decade,and Joseph still continues to bring tools and training that I can rely on and grow from to our table. Thanks! 
~George Mascarenas
I am delighted to recommend Joseph McNeal, a professional whose expertise and dedication have consistently impressed me for over ten years. Joseph's proficiency in real estate and life insurance consulting is evident in his innovative approach to varying consumer demands. He is a lifelong learner and more than someone who serves as a vehicle for a product. If there is a project or product Joe is associated with, I can assure you Joe is the value relative to the product, not the product. 
Joe possesses a unique blend of analytical skills, creativity, and social acumen, which he applies effectively in team settings and complex projects. Joseph's contributions have had a significant impact, showcasing his ability to drive results, lead teams, and innovate everywhere, from Combat Theatres in support of our Allies to residents in Colorado Springs. I am confident that Joseph will continue to excel and be an asset to any organization.
~Luis Mitchell Jr
 Joseph has been a life saver with helping me. He is great to work with and I recommend him to anyone looking for help with real estate or financial investments, as I have used him for both. I appreciated him being thorough with his services and on time to all appointments. If I could give ten stars, I would.
~Ashley Hite 
Where do I even begin with Joseph McNeal. He is by far one of the best and brightest minds in the real estate world. With his vast knowledge and attention to detail, true compassion and heart for all of his clients, it’s difficult to recommend anyone higher for any and all of your real estate needs. 

But more than just a top professional in the real estate field he really goes above and beyond for his clients and community that he serves in a way that is absolutely inspiring. He is a true practicioner of his craft to the highest of levels.

It’s been my absolute pleasure and honor working with him but more importantly I consider myself lucky to call him a friend.

Greg Fowler, Founder of Lion Bolt Media
Joseph, has been a huge help to me. He puts his clients first And does what is in their best interest. A big thank you too Joseph for all your help!
~Cynthia McCraw
 Joe is a fantastic guy! He goes beyond to help people with marketing and business mentorship. His knowledge of the Real estate industry is among the elite. Through his professionalism and people skills, you will feel like you have been a long term friend and partner from day one.
~Leo Greyson 
Joseph takes care of all my real estate needs. I was even out of state for the majority of the contract process. I was able to trust him to take care of the home inspection on my behalf as I was out of town. It was a smooth and easy process, thanks to Joseph. He's my real estate consultant and I recommend him to anyone with real estate needs. He is super competent in real estate. Anyone can look at his academic background and understand that he has many strengths.
~Sean Hansen

Joseph is truly dedicated to helping you meet your needs, whether it be with fitness, real estate, or anything else meant to help you grow and develop. His educational background and variety of experiences have given him knowledge in many areas, and he is always willing to share that knowledge with others. He truly knows how to effectively teach others, while also always finding ways to learn something for himself in the process. He is a lifelong teacher and learner, and someone from whom you will always find benefit. 
~Aaron Meihak

Joseph is a superb professional who is extremely competent in business, real estate, martial arts, and fitness. I highly recommend him. He takes pride in helping people and can be an asset to any organization. He is an excellent teacher and mentor.
~Butsarin Torres

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